When will you be able to see some form of result from our work?

You’ll see some fluctuations in your keyword rankings by the third month based on our monthly reports but we’re going to need at least 6 months to put your keywords on the first page for sure.


Can you get a discount if you remove some of the services from our package?

No. The package is a premium, holistic approach to SEO. Even if you claim to do some of those things in-house, like social media management, what we do is still different because we do everything with SEO at the top of our minds. If you do insist on removing some services from the package, that will also void our first-page guarantee. Much like how buying a car and removing the wheels or side-mirrors because you feel like yours are better is going to void any warranties.


When are the reports going to come?

Reports arrive at the first week of the succeeding month. This is so we have the data of the first day of the month all the way to the last day of the month in the report. Incomplete data can be a bummer.


What if you want a report in the middle of the month?

You can request for a special report but it won’t look as wholesome as our monthly reports. You can only request adhoc from time to time. We never send out a report mid-month on a recurring basis.


Do we guarantee sales?

No. We only guarantee leads. We don’t know how good your sales team is and we’d rather not risk our company’s integrity when there are factors beyond our control involved with a certain guarantee.


Are we willing to work and be paid with commissions or incentive?

No. That’s asking us to take the risk for your marketing efforts. We love to work with companies who have the budget to invest in their digital marketing and search visibility and we would rather allot our manpower to those kinds of companies instead.


Will we create business email accounts for you?

If your website is hosted with us – yes. If not, we will have to check your web hosting.